Microsoft Announces Bing-Baidu Partnership, Bing Will Provide English Language Search Services To Baidu

As rumored months ago, today Microsoft and Baidu announced their partnership on web search service. As a result of the partnership, Bing will power the English language search queries on Baidu. Baidu is the No.1 search provider in China with more than 75% marketshare. The marketshare is on the raise after the Google’s exit from China’s market. This deal will also provide a significant position for Microsoft’s Bing in China where it has negligible marketshare.

From Microsoft China blog, (Translated using Bing translator because the content is in Chinese, bare with it)

Today, Baidu Bing announced partnership with Microsoft, English-language search services for Chinese users combined. This collaboration means that Baidu provides users with the leading Chinese-language search services on the basis of, began by working with Bing provides world class English search service for your users.

It is reported that Baidu and Bing collaboration product after online during the year, entered by a user in the Baidu search box when retrieving a English, Baidu will pass “box computing” technology smart English page search to identify user needs, automatically starts the Bing service response and results by applying embedded open platform to Baidu Baidu search results page.

Analysts believe both sides, the English-language search after the cooperative online, achieve win-win situation. Baidu English search is easily bypassed by cooperative product threshold, greatly enhances the user experience when using multilingual search, Microsoft’s bing is by Baidu and 4.5 million Chinese Internet users to establish better links, accelerate the speed of penetration markets.

Microsoft Senior Vice President, Harry Shum said: “bing by offering high quality search results so that users can more quickly make decisions according to follow. This collaboration will enable the broad masses of Baidu Baidu and Bing search results users get a better search experience in English and, at the same time allow more Chinese users to access Bing ‘ happy search, ask Bing ‘ experience.

Baidu CEO Assistant Zhang Dongchen said “about current Baidu English daily search volume in millions, research needs are mostly professionals, college students from the first-tier cities. Bing search in English has advanced technology and strong product accumulation, the Baidu and Bing cooperation will play both their technical superiority, English research needs for satisfy search users together to provide the best search experience. At the same time the exploration in English search, Baidu will actively help expand international search markets.

As the world’s leading online service provider, owned by Microsoft’s Bing search product has achieved rapid development in the global market. According to Internet traffic monitoring agency Experian Hitwise 4 months release of the latest search marketing data, Microsoft’s Bing ( including Yahoo Search ) in the United States search market share this year, 3 months more than 30% . Globe 2010 end of Baidu search share in China reached 83.6%

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