Microsoft announces Azure Firewall Premium, a next generation firewall for highly sensitive environments

February 16, 2021
Microsoft Azure Firewall Premium

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Microsoft Azure Firewall Premium

Microsoft today announced the public preview of Azure Firewall Premium, a next generation firewall service for highly sensitive and regulated environments. In addition to the features that are available as part of Azure Firewall Standard, Azure Firewall Premium offers the following:

  • TLS inspection – decrypts outbound traffic, processes the data, then encrypts the data and sends it to the destination.
  • IDPS – A network intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) allows you to monitor network activities for malicious activity, log information about this activity, report it, and optionally attempt to block it.
  • URL filtering – extends Azure Firewall’s FQDN filtering capability to consider an entire URL. For example, instead of
  • Web categories – administrators can allow or deny user access to website categories such as gambling websites, social media websites, and others.

Azure Firewall Premium will be using Firewall Policy, a global resource that can be used to centrally manage your firewalls using Azure Firewall Manager.

Azure Firewall Standard features:

  • Stateful firewall as a service
  • Built-in high availability with unrestricted cloud scalability
  • Centralized network and application-level connectivity policy
  • Threat intelligence-based filtering
  • Support for hybrid connectivity through deployment behind VPN and ExpressRoute Gateways

Source: Microsoft

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