Microsoft announces a new Skype experience

December 15, 2022

While Microsoft’s Skype has lost its charm over the years as it failed to match its competitors, the software company has never forgotten to bring new updates to improve the overall experience. Microsoft has done it again by announcing this year’s biggest design overhaul for the Skype app. Aside from the new design, the Skype experience also includes some noteworthy new features.

The new Skype design includes beautiful new themes and header colors. Microsoft has added additional color options, and they can be seen more prominently throughout Skype. It also has updated accessibility color themes to be more accessible to everyone.

New Skype experience

Moreover, Microsoft has also announced a new Skype mobile calling experience, and according to the Redmond giant, it will be “the best mobile video calling experience.” Skype’s new and improved mobile calling stage matches the “current and gorgeous desktop call stage.” Microsoft highlighted the light theme and lovely backgrounds for participants without video as what is new in the revamped Skype experience.

Microsoft also made “a few technical improvements to improve stability and performance of any video call.” The company has also teased some upcoming features it is planning to launch in the future to improve the calling experience. The company’s official blog post mentioned that “it will be much easier to have all the controls and actions you need during a video call on your mobile phone right at your fingertips.” These upcoming changes will be available to Skype Insiders first.

New Skype Experience

Microsoft’s Skype announcements are not just about a new design; it is more than that. The new Skype also has a ‘Today’ tab, a place where Microsoft integrates personalized articles and news stories from trusted sources all over the world for you to read and share right inside Skype. You can personalize the stories it selects for you. You do not need to purchase a subscription to read and share news inside Skype.

If you have friends or clients all over the world, Skype makes it easy for you to communicate with them. Its new feature helps you overcome language barriers by helping you communicate with anyone in any language on a Skype to Skype call. It can automatically detect different languages and start audio and text translation for you and the others on the call on demand. The Real-time Translation feature is even more exciting, which is meant to make the audio translation in the other language sound like it is coming from your voice.

Skype translator

Which of the features mentioned above do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section.

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