Microsoft announce details of Microsoft Teams auto-recording feature

In April Microsoft confirmed via Uservoice that they will soon be delivering a feature where meetings are automatically recorded, eliminating the possibility of forgetting to press the record button manually. The automatic recording is one of the most requested features on the Microsoft Teams UserVoice page.

Now Microsoft has announced that the feature will be released to the Microsoft Teams client soon.

Meeting organizers will be able to set a meeting to auto-record by checking the “Record automatically” setting from their Meeting Options page. This option can be enabled for a single meeting occurrence or for a series. The meeting will automatically start recording after the first participant joins the meeting.

The recording is saved to the initiator’s OneDrive (if the meeting was a privately scheduled meeting) or to SharePoint (if the meeting was a channel meeting) or Stream for customers who are still on the Stream Platform. The meeting initiator and meeting organizer will both have owner rights to the recording.

This feature will be available in meetings if:

  • Meeting organizer has AllowCloudRecording enabled.
  • Users have RecordingStorageMode set to “OneDriveForBusiness” as well as “Stream”.
  • Meeting organizer is not an A1 user

For Production and GCC the feature will begin rolling this out in late June and expect to complete rollout mid-July. For DoD and GCC-High users it will begin rolling this out in late July and expect to complete rollout mid-August. It will be rolling out on desktop, mobile and web.

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