Microsoft Teams will soon get automatic recording feature

by Rahul
April 30, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of users to adopt the ‘work from home’ culture, and apps such as Microsoft Teams are playing a critical role in proving the digital platform that professionals need to interact with their colleagues. Microsoft Teams has emerged as one of the best platforms where people can attend video conferencing calls, thus giving a robust alternative to in-person meetings.

Over the last few months, the communication tool has also gained many useful new features to ensure that users can communicate through video with ease. And the company wants to continue the trend of adding useful new features. On the Microsoft Teams UserVoice page, the company has recently given some insights about an upcoming new feature.

According to the page, Microsoft is currently working on a new feature that will provide users the option to start recording a meeting as soon as it starts. While scheduling a meeting, users will see an option to turn on automatic recording. And this will start recording the meeting from the moment it starts. Thus it obviates the fear of not forgetting to start the recording from the beginning.

The automatic recording is one of the most requested features on the Microsoft Teams UserVoice page. The feature request has 1432 votes at the time of writing this article.

Microsoft Teams UserVoice page

The feature is currently in the developmental phase, meaning it might take a while before it becomes available for the public. What is worse is that we don’t know when Microsoft will make the feature available for everyone.

Meanwhile, you can know more about the upcoming features that are coming to Microsoft Teams by clicking here.

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