Microsoft AI and Research Group EVP Harry Shum is leaving the company

November 13, 2019

Harry Shum, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Research group is leaving the company. Kevin Scott, executive vice president and chief technology officer will assume his responsibilities.

Harry Shum was responsible for driving the company’s overall AI strategy and forward-looking research and development efforts spanning infrastructure, services, apps and agents. He lead AI-focused product groups including Bing. He also lead Microsoft Research and its integration with the engineering teams across the company.

“Harry has had a profound impact on Microsoft. His contributions in the fields of computer science and AI leave a legacy and a strong foundation for future innovation. I want to thank him for his leadership and partnership, and for all he has done for Microsoft,” Satya wrote in an email sent to Microsoft employees.

Microsoft has mentioned the below as the work history of Harry Shum.

Previously, Dr. Shum served as the corporate vice president responsible for Bing search product development from 2007 to 2013. Prior to his engineering leadership role at Bing and online services, he oversaw the research activities at Microsoft Research Asia and the lab’s collaborations with universities in the Asia Pacific region, and was responsible for the Internet Services Research Center, an applied research organization dedicated to advanced technology investment in search and advertising at Microsoft.

Dr. Shum joined Microsoft Research in 1996 as a researcher based in Redmond, Washington. In 1998 he moved to Beijing as one of the founding members of Microsoft Research China (later renamed Microsoft Research Asia). There he began a nine-year tenure as a researcher, subsequently moving on to become research manager, assistant managing director and managing director of Microsoft Research Asia and a Distinguished Engineer.

Even though Kevin Scott has already replaced Shum, Shum’s last day will be February 1, 2020. He will be continue as an advisor to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Bill Gates.

via: ZDNet

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