Microsoft announces more affordable endpoint security plan for customers

August 31, 2021
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 (P1)

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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 (P1)

Microsoft today announced a new cheaper endpoint security plan for enterprise customers. This new plan is named Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1 and it will offer prevention and protection for client endpoints running Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Next generation protection, device control, endpoint firewall, network protection, web content filtering, attack surface reduction rules, controlled folder access, device based conditional access, APIs and connectors, and the ability to bring your own custom TI are some of the capabilities of this new plan.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1 core capabilities:

  • Industry leading antimalware that is cloud-based with built-in AI that helps to stop ransomware, known and unknown malware, and other threats in their tracks.
  • Attack surface reduction capabilities that harden the device, prevent zero days, and offer granular control over access and behaviors on the endpoint.
  • Device based conditional access that offers an additional layer of data protection and breach prevention and enables a Zero Trust approach.

Source: Microsoft

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