Microsoft adds web tracking protection in latest Edge (Chromium) Canary Build

by Surur
June 28, 2019

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Advertisers are becoming ever more creative in building up profiles of web users which eventually compromise their privacy.

Microsoft is helping users fight back, and in the latest Edge (Chromium) Canary build (starting with Microsoft has added new tracking protection tools to their browser.

The feature adds 3 levels of protection:

The levels are basic, balanced and strict, with strict having the greatest potential to interfere with your web usage.

The feature works somewhat like an anti-virus, as Microsoft is keeping a list of known malicious domains to block from setting cookies, running scripts or storing identifying data on your PC.

The feature does, however, have the ability to break a website, and Microsoft is, therefore, disabling it by default.

To activate it visit edge://flags#edge-tracking-prevention and enable it. Then visit Settings > Privacy and select your protection.

Read all the detail of exactly how this service works at Microsoft here.

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