Microsoft accidentally announce Visual Studio Code for the Web public preview

In a now-deleted blog post, Microsoft appears to have accidentally announced Visual Studio Code for the Web Public Preview, a web-based IDE based on Visual Studio Code that includes syntax highlighting, search, multiple file editing, and a source control view.

“Announcing the preview of Visual Studio Code for the Web, a new web-based code editor that runs entirely in your browser and without backing compute,” the company announced today.

“Everyone can use VS Code for the Web for free at to quickly open and browse source code hosted on GitHub and on your local machine (and soon on Azure Repos), and make and commit lightweight changes.”

The web app works only works with remote repositories and not local code.

“VS Code for the Web does not have access to compute resources, so you won’t be able to build, run, or debug your application, nor you will be able to use the integrated terminal,” Microsoft added.

The service also supports an upgrade pathway to a GitHub Codespaces instance if you need a more complete VS Code experience.

You can check out Visual Studio Code for the Web here.

Source: BleepingComputer, via onMSFT

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