Microsoft 365 Enterprise Voice calling plans cancelled even before the launch

August 2, 2020
Microsoft Teams phone calling

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Last month, Microsoft announced that it will launch new Microsoft 365 Enterprise Voice as a new Teams offering that includes Phone System, Audio Conferencing, and Domestic Calling Plans. Microsoft also announced that E5 plan customers will receive 120 minutes of domestic outbound calling.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Voice is a cloud-based telephony solution that enables users to make and receive PSTN calls in Microsoft Teams.

Now, it looks like Microsoft has cancelled the new Microsoft 365 Enterprise Voice option even before the launch. Microsoft is not delaying the launch, instead the launch has been placed on hold indefinitely. Microsoft did not provide any proper reason for the cancellation of the launch. They just mentioned that launch has been cancelled due to rapidly evolving market conditions. We are not sure how the market changed in just 30 days!

We will not be launching Enterprise Voice Plan 1 and 2 and the accompanying inclusion of domestic calling minutes in the E5 and A5 plans, as was previously planned for August 1, 2020. – Microsoft

Source: Microsoft

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