A port of Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch is supposedly in the works with a potential announcement at the Game Awards this week, according to a report from IGN.

Rumors of the port have been brewing for some time and have come to a head this week thanks to a listing from Swedish retailer Inet.

The listing is a little bare, with a disclaimer in Swedish of “finally on Switch(?)” and “the product is only a rumor, but we think it will be announced at the Game Awards and launched in early 2019 (Feb). Product images are just a mockup”.

The game is also listed at 599 Krona, which is around $66 or £52.

The listing was apparently first brought to light by Twitter user Nitomatta, who stated that they confirmed the legitimacy of the listing by setting their VPN to Sweden.

The Game Awards are due to be broadcast on the 6th of December at 5:30 pm PST, 6:30 pm MST, 7:30 pm CST, and 8:30 pm EST for America and 1:30 am GMT on the 7th of December for the UK.

Source: IGN.