Meta working on bottom navigation bar for WhatsApp on Android

April 5, 2023

Meta is working on a major UI interface revamp for WhatsApp on Android to bring consistency across all mobile platforms. According to findings by WABetainfo, Meta is developing a new navigation bar for the WhatsApp Android app, which will be very similar to its iOS client. Just like on iOS, the new navigation bar will appear at the bottom of WhatsApp.

Currently, WhatsApp on Android offers quick access to Calls, Chats, and Status options through swiping actions. Those options appear at the top portion of the app. To access other options, such as Communities, you need to click the three-dot view option in the top right corner of the app. However, the new navigation bar will bring together calls, chats, statuses, and Communities under one umbrella, ensuring easier access.

However, it is not exactly clear whether the bottom navigation bar will support swipe gestures, just like the current interface on Android. The new bar for navigating to important options in WhatsApp on Android is currently in the development phase and is not available for beta testers. The new navigation bar for WhatsApp on Android will likely be available to beta testers first and then eventually to the general public when ready.

WhatsApp for Android new Navigation bar
WhatsApp for Android new navigation bar | Image: WABetainfo

Besides revamping the UI interface, Meta is working on an important privacy feature for WhatsApp users. The social media tech giant is developing a new feature for letting users lock chats inside the app. This will enable users to lock their private conversations, thus ensuring they do not get into the wrong hands.

In other WhatsApp-related news, Meta recently added a bunch of privacy features for admins and users in WhatsApp group chats. It also doubled the group size to 1,024 from 512. These new privacy features are available on WhatsApp across different platforms, including Android, iOS, desktop, and the web.

Source: WABetainfo

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