Social media platforms are one of the breeding grounds for fake news. This is why companies are making their own efforts to combat misinformation in different ways — tighter content moderation, newer features, better content reporting, and more. Now, Meta has a new fun step to promote truth in Ghana: a new online comic book called #NoFalseNewsZone. The campaign is launched with the help of EIB Network, owners of leading media brands in Ghana, and the Comic Republic, the biggest publisher of free African comic books.

“We are thrilled to once again work alongside Meta to tackle misinformation, a prominent problem in our world today,” said Jide Martin, Comic Republic CEO. “With our art, we are hoping to educate people on how to identify false news and take steps to report it too. We are grateful to Meta for trusting us with this project and thankful to our ever endearing audience who we know will be part of this #NoFalseNewsZone movement.”

The main objective of Meta in the creation of the educational comic series is to educate on how to identify false news and how to minimize its spread. According to Meta, readers can expect a three-part online comic book that features three main characters – an experienced nurse, an intern reporter, and a university student. “The protagonists are on a personal journey to educate people on how to curb false news and join the fight against misinformation to help create a #NoFalseNewsZone online,” Meta described the comic’s synopsis.

The EIB Network in Ghana, on the other hand, expressed that its participation in the work could guide Ghanaians in better identification and reporting of misinformation online “beyond a conceptual level.”

“The #NoFalseNewsZone Ghana campaign is our way of contributing to the broader discourse about what people consume and create online,” Nana Aba Anamoah, General Manager GHOne TV, told Meta. “We see a unique opportunity to use one of our cardinal mandates — education — to create awareness on why false news does not have a place in today’s daily information cycle.”

The online comic book #NoFalseNewsZone is now live and can be accessed by anyone through this link.