Meet Adobe Fresco, an AI-powered drawing and painting app

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Adobe’s upcoming dedicated drawing and painting app will be called Fresco (formerly known as Project Gemini). This app is designed specifically for stylus and touch devices. The main highlight of this app is the new Live Brushes. Adobe Live Brushes use AI to recreate the behavior of oils and watercolors. Here are some possibilities with the new Live Brushes.

  • When you paint with a watercolor Live Brush, you’ll see the color bloom into adjacent areas of the paper.
  • Use red and yellow next to each other and they’ll naturally blend into orange at the border.
  • You can even recreate painting with water to dilute some colors and encourage tints to mix.
  • With an oil Live Brush, you can slather on a thick coat of paint and see the ridges and brush strokes that give the painting dimension.
  • And you can mix different oil colors together to create a varied swirl of color that no digital color wheel could ever provide.

Fresco will also support Photoshop brushes and comes wotj pro-level tools like layers, masking, and selection. It will be available for Apple iPad alone initially and you can apply for pre-release testing here. Adobe mentioned that Fresco will come to other stylus- and touch-based devices (hopefully Microsoft Surface).

Source: Adobe