Fall Guys developer Mediatonic made one hell of a slip up in an accidental steam update Today, as they managed to leak the games source code. 

After being spotted by SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik, it appears that the offending update wasn’t around for long, with it being deleted very shortly after, but it’s entirely possible someone was able to speedily download and grab a copy. 

All the files -and it was a lot of files- that were added in this update were marked with a warning that really should have been heeded “BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame”. 

According to the Unity manual, this file set is to help to debug your game but as you might expect from the name the manual states that “you should back up this folder for every build you ship, but don’t redistribute it.” 

If people got their hands on this source code from this update, there’s a high chance it may well embolden the cheating problems that Fall Guys faces. Hackers with their hands on the code would have a much easier job at ruining everyone’s fun, but hopefully, Mediatonic can combat this if it’s a problem.

In lighter news, Fall Guys just started its Season 4.5, which introduces a new 1v1 quickfire mode, a new arena, as well as cross-play between PC and PlayStation 4.