Massive Work Studio announces Dolmen, a terrifying action-RPG that combines futuristic sci-fi and Lovecraftian cosmic horror

March 7, 2018

Independent Brazilian developer Massive Work Studio has announced Dolmen, a “terrifying action-RPG that combines futuristic Sci-Fi and Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror” as described in its press release. The game will be making its North American debut at GDC 2018, which takes place from March 19-23.

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“Dolmen casts players onto a hostile alien world known as Revion Prime, the location of the greatest recorded massacre in galactic history. Little more can be said about the far-off planet since its coordinates were lost to war. As neighbors, it has four gas giants and a nearby star called Nynfield. The corpses of those who lived there long ago orbit the planet — like a mass grave suspended in time. As the sole survivor of a crew of human astronauts, pulled from charted space and abducted into a distant future, you awake below the planet’s surface with no supplies. Being alone on Revion Prime is like having been forgotten by life itself. With no answers as to how you got there, or what happened to your crew, your journey begins in the dark.”

Key features:

  • Explore a Devastated, Darkly Beautiful Planet: Revion Prime is an alien world, with environments inspired by the work of macabre artists like H.R. Giger and H.P. Lovecraft, that challenges you to unearth its dark history by connecting fragments of the past.
  • Engage in Fast-Paced Dynamic Combat: Combat is intense and heavily based on timing, mixing melee-based attacks, Over-the-Shoulder (OTS) perspective long-range shooting and the use of defensive maneuvers such as dodging and blocking.
  • Adapt or Perish; Craft to Survive: Mankind, so we believe, has become a prevalent species due to its ability to endure and adapt to inhospitable environments. Build up your skills and scavenge what little resources are available to create items and customize your equipment. You’re going to need anything you can find to live to see another day.

Dolmen is planned for an early 2019 release on Steam, with console versions planned at a later date. The team still needs a little help making it a reality, so a Kickstarter for the game will begin on April 5. It’s unclear what its funding goal will be.

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