release a full-featured Cloud Storage app with 100 GB free for Windows Phone reports that has brought its Cloud Storage service to Windows Phone.

The service offers 100 GB storage for free and up to 1 terabyte is on offer.

The app is pretty full featured, offering elements such as music and video playback which even SkyDrive is lacking.

It features:QRCode

  • Upload photos from your mobile phone. Photos will be uploaded automatically when you are connected to WIFI.
  • Share files and folders with friends, acquaintances and colleagues in one click.
  • Save the traffic – you can send a link to a photo, video or document by SMS, e-mail, instant messenger or social network.
  • View documents MS Office: Word, Exel, Power Point, PDF, as well as files in other formats.
  • Load on the phone and edit documents in the built-in MS Office application .
  • In Cloud Mail.Ru for Windows Phone, you can watch videos and listen to music, create playlists of your favorite tracks.
  • Manage your files from anywhere – rename, delete, create folders.
  • Keep your important files in a safe storage! Whatever happened to your drive on your PC or phone, all files stored in the Cloud will stay with you.

I am sure our readers would love to see some of these features on SkyDrive. Find the free app in the Windows Phone Store here.