Magic Leap One Mixed Reality Headset now on sale for $2,295

Magic Leap One Creator Edition mixed-reality headset is finally on sale for $2,295. Magic Leap One is a spatial computing system similar to Microsoft HoloLens. Magic Leap One brings natural light waves together with softly layered synthetic lightfields, allowing developers to build interactive experiences. When you buy this headset today, it will come pre-installed with a set of core applications.

Helio web browser that delivers 3D and spatial web experiences, the Screens video player that allows users to place multiple displays of any size in their physical space, and Magic Leap’s unique avatars and Social application, offering a spatially aware way to connect and feel presence across distance. Magic Leap One is based on a whole new OS called LuminOS. Magic Leap mentioned that their new OS is optimized for performance with a high-fidelity visual experience.

Magic Leap One Creator Edition will include the Lightwear headset, Lightpack computing pack, Control handheld input device, a Fit Kit to ensure a perfectly calibrated fit, chargers, and a Quick Start Guide. There’s also an optional fabric strap for the Lightpack.

Magic Leap One will not be available in retail stores. But developers in cities across the U.S., can order it and enjoy a complimentary delivery, fit and set-up service provided using their LiftOff service. You can read about full tech specs of Magic Leap One headset here.

Source: Magic Leap