Magic Leap confirms its AR headset is still coming “this summer”

While augmented reality headsets are mostly about making ghostly apparitions real, in the case of Magic Leap many think the device is about as vaporous and virtual as the digital content they are intended to display.

Despite this the company has attracted more than $2.3 billion in investment, notable form Google and recently from AT&T.

Now the company has confirmed in a developer session hosted on Twitch that Magic Leap One Creator Edition hardware (or ML1) will be shipping this summer to developers, creators and designers.

They also confirmed the device will be powered NVidia’s Tegra X2. Earlier Magic Leap has said ML1 will feature Digital Lightfield technology and supports environment mapping, precision tracking and soundfield audio to produce amazing Mixed Reality experiences. The key difference when compared to HoloLens headset is that Magic Leap’s headset doesn’t pack the computing power it needs in itself. Instead, users have to carry a lightweight pack that has the engine that drives its spatial computing platform. Like Windows Mixed Reality Controllers, Magic Leap One will also support a special controller that supports force control and haptic feedback for a fluid, sensory experience.

Unlike the HoloLens the Magic Leap headset will cost around as much as a high-end smartphone with the company hoping it can eventually replace your smartphone, PC and TV.

Microsoft’s own response is expected in the next 6 to 12 months, based several hardware improvements since first HoloLens was announced in 2015.