Overwatch’s workshop mode has led to many interesting creations. We’ve seen recreations of Call of Duty‘s gun game, we’ve seen people shooting Torbjorn out of Bastion’s cannon, it’s mental.

I made bastion Fire Torbjorns that lock onto their target! from r/Overwatch

The mind of the mad is dangerous and creative, and Overwatch player ajfis3 has done the impossible. They’ve turned Blizzard’s hero shooter into Super Smash Bros.

Presenting Super Smashwatch! My version of Smash Bros. in Overwatch! [WORKSHOP] from r/Overwatch

This Workshop game mode adds everything from double jumps to air dodges. Much like in Super Smash Bros, each player has a standard of three stocks, and you can activate a shield to block attacks! It’s clunky and there’s only one map, but it’s incredibly impressive!

Overwatch Workshop is breathing new life into Blizzard’s hero shooter. What was once becoming rather lifeless is now an unpredictable mess that never ceases to amaze.

If you want to play Super Smash Bros in Overwatch, the code is VZ4YG.

Source: PCGamesN