New machine learning cheating software hits consoles 

July 8, 2021
Cheating Software User Vision Pro

A new piece of highly advanced cheating software is on the market which uses machine learning to react in real-time, even on consoles. 

Highlighted in a video by the Anti-Cheat Police Department, @AntiCheatPD on Twitter, the new software uses an external capture card to analyse gameplay footage in real-time before sending inputs directly to your controller. 

Unlike traditional aimbot or wallhacks that might have you lock onto players even while they’re behind cover, this new software only uses what’s on your screen. Gameplay in the designated detection area is set via a capture card to a PC, which analyses the data and sends inputs to your controller to track and kill enemies with horrible efficiency. 

Outside of ruining everyone’s fun in casual games, this new software has huge ramifications for high level and competitive play, as until now consoles have been relatively secure compared to PC. With this new software skirting around console hackings usual barriers via external hardware, tournaments and ranked play may get complicated without proper anti-cheating verification.

Thankfully this software won’t be completely undetectable as the trailer boastfully claims, but it will be much harder for developers to detect and respond to. Hopefully, new detection and anti-cheating systems will be put in place to counteract this new cheating system before consoles are properly overrun. 

The software’s capabilities, according to the bassy trailer, are that it can give “full auto aim” as well as “full auto shots” which makes us wonder how much cheaters actually want to play their chosen games since this software seems to take the majority of playing out of the gameplay. 

Before you ask, we’re not going to tell you what this new cheating software is called or how to get your hands on it, you shouldn’t be going about cheating anyway. 

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