[UPDATED] Lumia Support says Microsoft is working with Snapchat to bring a Windows Phone app

June 27, 2016

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Update: In a statement to MSPU, a Microsoft spokesperson stated that the company has “nothing further to share” about Snapchat coming to Windows Phone:

“We’ve seen great momentum around the Windows Store and Apps. We continue to work with industry leading partners to bring the best experiences to Windows for a broad set of categories, including entertainment, productivity, and gaming. We have nothing further to share.”

Original article follows below.
Windows Phone never had a good relationship with Snapchat. It’s been a while since Windows Phone fans have been asking for an official Snapchat app, and the company never delivered. The situation got even worse when the company removed some of the third-party Snapchat apps, including 6Snap from the Windows Phone Store. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter already released some excellent apps for Windows 10 devices, but Snapchat is yet to bring its app to Windows Phone or Windows 10.

However, that could change in the near-future. According to Lumia Support Spain’s Twitter page, the company is working closely with their “friends” at Snapchat to bring its Windows Phone app. In a tweet, the account stated (translated):

Soon you reach your Windows Phone! We are already working with our friends at SnapChat to bring it as soon as possible. ^_^

This, of course, doesn’t sound that hopeful because it comes from a support member who probably does not have access to information about upcoming apps. More importantly, we are talking about Snapchat here — the company never showed much love for Windows Phone, and after almost 3 years, nothing has changed.

Of course, the support member could still be right — in which case, we might finally get a Snapchat app. For now, we don’t recommend hoping for a Snapchat app on Windows Phone.

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