Loyalty Card management company Fidme one of the first to implement Windows Phone 8 Wallet support



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FidMe is a free mobile app, allowing users to gather all their loyalty cards and stampcards into their mobile phone. In store you can then use your phone as a card that scanners will read, or as a stampcard, you will scan a code to add a stamp.  The French company has more than 1.5 million users today and growing and FidMe today gather over 3000 loyalty programs and thousands shops all over the world.

FidMe has now updated their app to support Windows Phone 8, including support for Windows Phone 8-specific features.

With this update, FidMe become the first Windows Phone 8 application enable with the Microsoft Wallet in France, and one of the first in the world.   Windows Phone 8 users can now transfer their  loyalty cards, coupons and deals into  the Microsoft Wallet.

FidMe on Windows Phone 8 also supports:

  •  An NFC app with compatible devices, including Lumia 920
  • New animated tiles for your cards,
  • Details of your points, stamps… on the live tiles,
  • New pin to start features,
  • Add your cards, coupons and gifts to your Wallet,
  • Get stamps directly from your camera with lens link,
  • High resolution graphics.

Download FidMe update!

Read more about it at Fidme.com here.

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