Looks like Cortana will be the final name of the WP 8.1 voice assistant

cortana mui

While we have seen numerous leaks for the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK confirming the code name of Microsoft’s new voice assistant is Cortana, the helpful Halo character, above, via Windows Phone Lover, is I believe the first evidence that in fact the final name of the feature will be Cortana.

The text, extracted from MUI files in the emulator, simply says:

“Your speech language settings doesn’t match your display language settings.  Speech language must match display language for Cortana to function.”

The news represents a victory for the community, who have contributed more than 40,000 votes in a petition towards that end, though it will of course instantly mark out Windows Phone Cortana users as a bit geeky.

The short paragraph also suggests that Cortana will support more than one language on release, though this remains speculation.

The final line, “Track flights or other things mentioned in your email” confirms a Google Now-type  feature in the app, where it learns about important things in your life by scanning your email automatically.  Fortunately for the nervous it seems you can toggle this on or off if you want.

How do our readers feel about calling their digital personal assistant a name derived from a video game? Let us know below.