LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Data Validation feature brings the power of LinkedIn to CRM



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LinkedIn today announced the upcoming quarterly product update for Sales Navigator with several new improvements and features. Data Validation is the big feature that will be available as part of this update. Data Validation feature brings the power of LinkedIn to CRM.

Here’s what Data Validation can be used for:

  • Data Validation can automatically flags if a contact is no longer at the company listed in your CRM. This is checked daily against LinkedIn data so you know you’re getting the most current and accurate information available.
  • Contacts who have moved on to other companies are now marked using a “Not at Company Flag” field in your CRM. Since this field is written to your CRM, you can use it to trigger activities like contact cleanups, removal from marketing campaigns, or even leverage it with other applications that sync to the CRM.

This update includes analytics integration allowing you to view daily Sales Navigator usage data in PowerBI or Tableau. There is also an easier way to analyze usage; new insights – InMail usage and Coach Levels; more filter options, new column headers to match Account Center and more. You can learn more about the new features that are part of this update here.

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