Meet LinkedIn Sales Insights, a new data analytics tool for sales organizations



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LinkedIn today announced LinkedIn Sales Insights, a new data analytics tool for sales organizations. This new tool will allow sales teams to make use of LinkedIn’s global data pool to map potential opportunities, source new accounts, and help sellers spend the right time in the right places.

Sales team will get near visibility into the size and fast-growing nature of specific departments, functions, and accounts, so that they can accurately plan their sales strategy in order to point your sales teams to the right accounts and drive more revenue.

LSI helps sales organizations to:

  • Focus on the right accounts and expand into new markets. With raw data at scale, LSI creates real-time insights to shine a light on the size and growth of key accounts, regions, and territories so teams can hone in on their target audiences.
  • Ensure smarter sales planning. The unique, people-powered nature of the data helps customers uncover the insights they need to build better books of business, prioritize accounts strategically and ensure sellers have continued opportunities to hit their targets.

You can learn more about LSI from the source link below.

Source: LinkedIn

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