Good news! Life is Strange 2 episodes can now be bought separately on Steam, meaning you no longer have to buy the entire season pass to play the game and you can just mix and match at will. Who cares about linear narratives, right?

However, this is sort of negated by Life is Strange 2’s very strange release schedule, which we reported on a while ago. The second episode came out all the way back in January and episode 3 isn’t due out until May 9th.

Episode 4 won’t be out until the 22nd of August and Episode 5 is a whole eight months away, coming out on the 3rd of December 2019. Hopefully you’ll be able to remember what’s been going on in the series by the time its out in its entirety.

Dontnod made the announcement with a short but sweet teaser trailer. The trailer doesn’t use the usual in-game graphics, instead opting for rough art.

The launch of individual episodes is good news for some, as buying episode 2 previously required people to buy the entire season pass. Steam also has plans to bundle them together, meaning you can save a little bit of money if you buy them all at once.

As a bonus, Episode 1 of Life is Strange 2 is currently on sale for half price until the 8th of April. Meanwhile, episode 2 is on Steam for full price at £6.49/$7.99.

Episode 3, Wastelands, is due out on May 9th. It’ll presumably cost £6.49/$7.99.

Source: Life is Strange on YouTube.