Life Fitness and VirZOOM partner to create Windows Mixed Reality-based gym experience

by Surur
November 13, 2017

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Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment, and VirZOOM, a developer of virtual reality (VR) content and vSports technology, have partnered to provide an immersive workout integrated with commercial cardio equipment and VR. An industry first, the partnership enables VR workouts accessible across a vast network of commercial equipment already on gym floors worldwide.

VirZOOM transforms Lifecycle Upright and Recumbent stationary bikes with Discover SE3 or SE3 HD consoles into a motivating and immersive VR workout. The VirZOOM solution provides access to exciting VirZOOM VR content; exercisers can now race on horseback in the Wild West, blow up enemy tanks on far-away battlefronts, or fly through the air in a fantasy world as Pegasus—all while burning calories. The VirZOOM solution, installed via the VirZOOM Module, plugs into an existing and easily accessible port on the Lifecycle stationary bike and tracks actual pedal speed, translating it proportionately into virtual motion. Existing resistance buttons on the handlebars are repurposed as gameplay controls when the VirZOOM solution is in play.

“There are more than 2 million workouts on Life Fitness cardio equipment every day and we’re always innovating to make more immersive, engaging and enjoyable workouts on our equipment,” said Jason Worthy, vice president of digital solutions and innovation at Life Fitness. “Whether you’re competitive or simply want to challenge yourself with a new workout, VirZOOM virtual reality is an exciting new way to connect people to fitness.”

VirZOOM is an all-in-one, fully integrated VR solution for fitness facilities. The offering includes the VirZOOM Module, access to VirZOOM content and a virtual reality system, offering both a mobile VR headset from Samsung or a PC tethered VR option of Windows Mixed Reality provided by Acer. Customers also receive sweatproof VR headset covers that are changed between users and machine-washed daily, similar to how towels are cleaned in gyms. VirZOOM offers frequent software updates so users can experience new VR environments, fresh games and advanced competition modes.

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“The industry-first partnership with Life Fitness expands the world of virtual reality into commercial health clubs,” said Spencer Honeyman, vice president of strategic partnerships at VirZOOM. “VirZOOM motivates exercisers with fun and immersive virtual reality exercise content. Exercisers can not only set calorie goals and track workout stats, but also compete online against friends around the world and enjoy a VR workout. As the leader in commercial fitness equipment and exercise solutions, Life Fitness is the ideal partner for VirZOOM to bring VR workouts to commercial facilities.”

“Gyms are changing as we know it, and our customers are more connected than ever,” Worthy adds. “We’re creating personalized and fun experiences in fitness facilities, and VirZOOM is an excellent partner in making the gym of the future a reality.”

The VirZOOM solution is now available in the U.S. and in select international locations. Visit for more information.

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