LG confirms Wing is the official name of its T-shaped dual-display smartphone

by Rahul
September 7, 2020

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LG officially entered the dual-display folding phone bandwagon by launching the LG G8X ThinQ last year. The company wants to take the idea of a dual-display device to a whole new level by introducing the world’s first T-shaped dual-display device. Rumors were rife that the mysterious device that the company is working on is the much-rumored ‘Wing’ handset.

Now it turns out that rumors were true as LG confirmes that the official name of its upcoming T-shaped dual display smartphone is ‘Wing.’ Interestingly, the company didn’t confirm the T-shape form factor, though the South Korean phone maker does say that the smartphone will come in a “new and different” form factor.

According to a press release by LG,  the new phone will be part of its “Explorer Project”. The company expects that the project will “deliver much-needed curiosity and excitement to the mobile sector.” Meanwhile, the company’s Velvet phones will be categorized under “Universal Line.”

LG’s dual-display device is rumored to feature a 6.8-inch main screen alongside a 4-inch secondary display with a 1:1 aspect ratio. Rumor also has it that the dual-display phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 765G and will pack a 64MP primary camera. We have no information on the price of the device, but considering the fact that it takes a lot of engineering effort to make such a device, we expect the price point to be somewhere around $1,000. We, of course, will know more about the smartphone on September 14.

Source: The Korean Herald

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