Lenovo is an active member of the foldable league. The PC manufacturer is actively developing their folding Windows PCs and it’d already shown one just a few days back, with a promise of releasing it by the end of next year.

Although the company already built the foldable Lenovo Thinkpad X1, it doesn’t want to stop here and want to explore more designs, as we’d expect from a company like Lenovo. The company recently filed a new patent in which it talked about a critical design flaw and how to solve it. The issue that has been discussed in the patent is the huge gap when you close a foldable device. Yes, the patent has a solution to the Surface Book-like gap. However, the goal is certainly not to make the gap disappear but to reduce it.

Here is how Lenovo has put it in the patent:

A configuration may be in the backbone member has a flexible sheet-like member, and a reinforcing member which is attached to the inner surface of the flexible sheet-like member, and extends along the one-edge portions of the first chassis member and the second chassis member.

A configuration may be acceptable in which the spine member has a flexible plate-like member and a reinforcing member that adheres to the inner surface of the flexible plate-like member and extends along the one edge portions of the first housing member and the second housing member.

What do you think of Lenovo’s way of doing the hinge with a reduced gap? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: WindowsUnited