Lenovo Announces Global Online Hackathon For Multi-User, Multi-Touch Windows Apps

Lenovo Yoga Home

Lenovo has announced a global online hackathon to build interactive Windows apps using Lenovo’s multi-user, multi-touch MUMT platform. This hackathon offers $25,000 in cash prizes, Lenovo devices, and the grand prize includes a meeting with Lenovo’s team to discuss ongoing promotional opportunities. Also the winning apps will be promoted across Lenovo’s channels.

Lenovo recently introduced the YOGA Home series of tabletop PCs which supports 10-finger touch and hand gestures. With their unique Aura interface, these PCs allow multiple people to use the same device simultaneously. Recently, Lenovo reelased its Aura interface available to developers and using the Windows 10 SDKs and the YOGA Home Aura Shell Integration Requirements, developers can now build MUMT applications for the YOGA Home PC.
Interaction designers and coders have until June 14 to build an entertainment (video, music, art, audio) or educational app that incorporates multi-user, multi-touch features.

How to enter this contest?

  1. Download the Windows 8 or Windows 10 SDKs and the YOGA Home Aura Shell Integration Requirements.
  2. Build your Desktop or UAP application and test it using the Virtual Studio Community tool – here’s a tutorial!
  3. Shoot your demo video and take screenshots of your functioning app.
  4. If you’ve built a Windows Desktop App, confirm you’ve adhered to the SweetLabs Software Principles.
  5. If you’ve built a UAP App, submit your app to the Microsoft Store to obtain your DeepLink.
  6. Create a Lenovo Dev account and register your app via the App Content Submission form on Lenovo Dev.
  7. Provide Devpost access to your app for judging and testing by providing an EXE file (for Windows Desktop Apps), or a Microsoft Store DeepLink (if a UAP app).
  8. Submit your application on MultiTouch.Devpost.com for consideration in the hackathon!

Learn more about it here.