Leaked Verizon road map reveals April 15th HTC 7 Trophy launch


The previously rumoured release of the HTC 7 Trophy by Verizon has been pushed back from last week, the 24th March to the 15th April, according to a leaked Verizon roadmap acquired by Phandroid.

The document confirms the handset will be a global device, with both GSM and CDMA capabilities, and previous FCC documents have oddly found the GSM frequencies covered include AT&T’s 3G bands on 850 and 1900 Mhz.

The handset will otherwise be identical to the GSM version, except for being endowed with a generous 16 GB storage, vs 8 GB on the GSM model.

Of course as per usual, all dates are subject to slippage, but then us Windows Phone users  should be used to that by now.

Via Gimocrunch.com