Verizon HTC Trophy To Arrive On March-24?



Android central managed to get their hands on an email sent from Verizon to a vendor. The email included the upcoming devices and their launch dates. To the delight I am sure of CDMA Windows Phone fans the long-awaited HTC Trophy appears in the list with launch date of March the 24th. The HTC 7 Trophy on Verizon is expected to have 16 GB storage and be a dual CDMA and GSM phone.

The email states that the launch dates are subject to change, but the leaked page (from only yesterday), does however demolish the rumor that the HTC 7 Trophy has been pushed back all the way to June 2011, making March-24 for the Verizon HTC 7 Trophy seem like a good bet.

Source: Androidcentral, Via: wpcentral