Leaked Marketing Material Reveals Microsoft’s Plans To Drop ‘Nokia’ And ‘Windows Phone’ Branding


10, 2014

Author Pradeep // in News

Lumia branding


We are already know that Microsoft will gradually drop the usage of ‘Nokia’ branding from their devices going forward. Today, a leaked marketing document from Microsoft confirmed that Microsoft will drop the manufacturer name from the product references during this Holiday campaign.

Also, Microsoft is planning to drop ‘Windows Phone’ branding for just ‘Windows’. There will be one single ‘Windows’ that will be power devices ranging from 4-inch to 40-inches.

We have already seen a move towards this, with most new Microsoft Mobile ads for Windows Phones simply featuring the Windows brand, and even carrier store displays only saying Windows.

The news means the end of the Nokia brand, for which Microsoft has a license until the end of 2016.  At this point it is not clear of the Lumia brand is strong enough however to carry sales of Windows Phone in the same way the Nokia brand did in 2013.

Source: Geekongadgets

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