Leaked GPD Win 2 proves people love micro-PCs

The original GPD Win is a pretty niche device. The Atom-powered mini-PC was optimised for running emulated games on the go and features prominent gaming keys and managed to grow a cult following.

It seems that device has done well enough for GPD to consider a follow-up, with  YouTuber The Phawx leaking a new version of the mini gaming laptop, the GPD Win 2.

The device appears to have a larger 6-inch screen, is more refined, and is rumoured to be powered by a Core M3-7Y30 processor, after Intel ended the Atom line, which should address much of the power concerns regarding the earlier device without massively impacting battery life.

Elements such as fan control are now completely software based, and going by an internal render the battery now appears a lot bigger.

See The Phawx speak about the device below.

GPD has also released the GPD Pocket, which is closer to a mini-laptop than mini-gaming machine, which reviewed surprisingly well. The main issue with these very desirable devices has been the cost vs utility, which ultimately makes them poor value for money, but hopefully, GPD’s success will encourage competition and bring prices down to the $300-$400 range.

Ultimately I would like to see a new take on the HTC Universal design, which would offer the best of Windows 10 tablet and PC mode and could certainly be much improved with today’s technology.

What do our readers think of the GPD Win 2? Let us know below.

Via lilliputing.com

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