Latest update for Lenovo Smart Clock brings machine learning-powered new alarm option

Lenovo Smart Clock is a Google Assistant-powered smart display that offers much more than an alarm clock. With the Lenovo Smart Clock, you can play music, find information, manage your schedule, control your smart home, and more. Google today announced the roll out of new software update that brings new features and improvements to Lenovo Smart Clock.

In this update, Google has added a new alarm option called “Impromptu”. When you select this option, you will get ringtone that fits your situation, depending on the time of day or weather. This feature is based on Google’s Magenta open source project. Also in this update, Google has tweaked the automatic brightness mechanism, added a music recommendation card, and now offers more fine-tuned control over how long your alarm lasts (now up to 60 minutes).

You can order the Lenovo Smart Clock for just $49 from here.

Source: Google