Latest Windows 10 Mobile cumulative update kills Runtastic and other GPS apps



Windows 10 Mobile can hardly afford to lose any more apps, which makes the news that the latest cumulative update build of Windows 10 Mobile, Build 15063.540, released a week ago, breaks apps using GPS tracking doubly sad.

Users are reporting that apps which use GPS are simply crashing when they are launched while GPS is activated.

Apps affected include Runtastic, Run the Map, Striver and more, but users report even some GPS navigation apps are affected.

So far no common thread has been detected but some speculate the issue is mainly affected old Windows Phone 8 apps.

Issues are of course expected on Insider builds, but this is a rather large issue to affect a supposedly stable cumulative update and does make one wonder about quality control.

Are our readers on Windows 10 Mobile affected? Let us know below.

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