Laridian Pocket Bible now available for Windows Phone

Laridian PocketBible has finally made the jump to Windows Phone from Windows Mobile, and is now available in the Windows Phone Store.

PocketBible for Windows Phone is designed to help one read and study the Bible on-the-go. It comes with the KJV Bible and allows one to choose from 40 additional Bibles and reference books to download after registration. You will also be able to use any Laridian titles you’ve purchased in the past in this new program.

The standard features included with the free version of PocketBible for Windows Phone allow you to install up to 20 books at a time and use them for reading and studying. You can also search through and bookmark your books. Advanced Features are available for $6.99 and allow you to download an unlimited number of titles, view multiple books at once, add highlighting and notes and more. Additional Bibles and books can be purchased for use with the program at the Laridian website.

The app features:

  • Read and study the Bible anywhere. No Internet connection required
  • Install up to 20 books on your device, or unlimited books with the advanced features set.
  • Move easily through Bibles and books by simply scrolling. Quickly move around the bible using an intuitive table of contents display.
  • Quickly find any word or phrase
  • Keep track of what you learn with bookmarks, highlights and notes (highlights and notes are part of the advanced features set)
  • Take your study further with popular commentaries, word study books, dictionaries (each sold separately)
  • Share verses by Text, Email or Facebook
  • Pin a book to your start screen!

imageAn in-app upgrade to advanced features bring:

  • Install more than 20 books at a time on your phone
  • View multiple books at the same time with a split screen
  • Add your own notes to any verse
  • Highlight verses in a variety of colors
  • Download all the books you own to the phone with one click
  • Quick access to recent verses
  • Pin a Bible’s table of contents to your start screen

The app is a free download which can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.