Key differences between Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Pro 7

January 11, 2021
Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ Business

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ Business

Microsoft today announced the new Surface Pro 7+ 2-in-1 device with the latest 11th gen Intel Core processors and other improvements. Apart from the new generation of Intel processors, there are some key differences between Surface Pro 7 and the new Surface Pro 7+. You can read about them below.

Removable SSD:

For the first time, Surface Pro 7+ offers a removable storage solution that helps enterprise organizations meet their specific data retention standards. It also allows servicing and repair in the unlikely event of an SSD failure. Purchase of replacement SSDs will be available to commercial customers through authorized resellers beginning with US distribution.

11th gen Intel processors:

Surface Pro 7+ is powered by the latest 11th gen Intel Core processors delivering doubling the performance of the previous generation. Also, Surface Pro 7+ is the first Surface Pro device to offer up to 32 gigabytes of RAM and 1TB of storage.

Improved thermal design and battery life:

Surface Pro 7+ comes with a new thermal design that uses graphite heat spreading, heat pipes and carbon composite materials along with larger vents.  Only Core i7 model comes with a fan. Microsoft also used the same technology available in Surface Pro X to reduce the thickness of the display and increase the internal space. Using this freed-up space Microsoft increased the size of the battery. Surface Pro 7+ has the largest battery to date in a Surface Pro with a 50.4-watt hour capacity for improved all-day battery life. Surface Pro 7+ offers up to 15 hours of battery life (4.5 hours more than Pro 7) and also supports fast charging that restores battery levels to 80 percent in about an hour.

LTE Advanced support:

Surface Pro 7+ now comes with the optional LTE Advanced connectivity. Surface Pro 7+ with the fan-less Core i5 configuration can be configured with the LTE option. And the device works with both eSIM and physical nano SIM. Also, the eSIM profile in Surface Pro 7+ unlocks access to mobile operators and services in over 180 countries.

Improved device deployment:

Starting with device procurement, before devices are shipped using the Windows Autopilot service Surface Pro 7+ can be placed under management and personalized with required apps and policies, enabling factory direct delivery to your users.

Sustainable packaging:

Surface Pro 7+ uses a 23% lighter packaging allowing Microsoft to easily distribute broadly, while minimizing waste by using 99% natural fiber-based material, of which 64% is post-consumer recycled materials. And of course, this also makes the devices easier to unpack.

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