Want better narrator voice support? Install KB5027305

June 9, 2023

The KB5027305 update is here, and we’re in for an exciting piece of news. Just like what Microsoft did by including native RGB lighting support for selected Razer keyboards and mice in Windows 11 Build 23475 for Insiders in the Dev channel, those in the Beta Channel are also getting a few updates here and there.

Windows 11’s accessibility feature, like the natural narrator voice, is getting a nice addition as Microsoft just introduced new natural voices in Chinese and Mexican Spanish. These voices provide a seamless browsing experience, enabling users to comfortably navigate the web, read content, compose emails, and more. The natural Narrator voices utilize cutting-edge on-device text-to-speech technology and once downloaded, they can be used even without an internet connection.

If you find yourself using this feature quite often, you may head over to the Narrator section in the Settings app. Then, click Add natural voices under Narrator’s voice. You should be able to see options called

  • The new Chinese voices are Microsoft Xiaoxiao and Microsoft Yunxi.
  • The new Spanish (Spain) voices are Microsoft Alvaro and Microsoft Elvira.
  • The new Spanish (Mexico) voices are Microsoft Jorge and Microsoft Dalia.

With that being said, however, please note that if your display language is not set to Chinese or Spanish, you will need to first select “Choose a different language” in step 3 and then choose the appropriate language followed by the specific voice.

Other than that, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot going on in the Beta channel with the KB5027305 update. After all, beta channels are typically used to provide pre-release versions of software to participants for testing and feedback purposes. These channels allow users to experience upcoming features and improvements before they are officially released to the general public.

Have you installed KB5027305 and taken these new natural narrator voices for a spin? Let us know in the comments!

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