Bandai Namco’s upcoming anime fighter Jump Force will feature Japanese voices only for its worldwide release.

The game, which features a tonne of iconic characters such as Dragon Ball’s Goku and Fist of the North Star’s Kenshiro, will only feature English text.

This announcement is fairly abnormal as the game’s E3 2018 showing on Microsoft’s stage featured a very dramatic English narrator. Many of these characters, such as Goku, also have very recognizable English voices that fans may miss, but it isn’t a deal breaker for the game.

Jump Force Trailer, E3 2018

Hopefully, Jump Force’s choice to go Japanese only for the worldwide release doesn’t detract from its sales outside of Eastern territories.  It looks to be a decent, high-energy game for those who are looking for a Shonen Jump crossover game that isn’t as subpar as prior entries.

Jump Force isn’t yet available to pre-order on Xbox One, but it does launch on January 15th.

Source: AltChar