Jo Harlow: Super-advanced cameras and Dual-SIM Lumias “on the radar”


27, 2013

Author Surur // in News

imageIn a brief interview with BGR, Jo Harlow gave us a peek at the future of their Windows Phone handsets.

On cameras she said:

If you look at where imaging is going, computational imaging is an area of exploration. Being able to capture even more data — data you cannot even see with the human eye that you can only see by actually going back to the picture and being able to do things with them. I think that is a key challenge to bring to a smartphone because computational imaging or computational photography requires computational power. That was one of the limitations in bringing that kind of experiences on a smartphone. Changes in the processing capabilities of smartphones opens it up as an area of exploration.

An example computational imaging would be the Lytro camera, which allows users to refocus their pictures after taking them.  Nokia recently invested in Pelican Imaging, which does something similar, but in a slimmer profile more suited to smartphones.

Back to the present, on Lumia in India Jo said Nokia would continue to “push the boundaries of how low we can take Lumia” and also said she also recognized that Dual-SIM was important to the market there, and said it was “on the radar.”

She noted that customer satisfaction was high with Lumia, and the next job was to increase awareness.


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