Jabra Stone Review

Today we are reviewing the Jabra Stone  Bluetooth headset, a masterpiece of style and tech. This review is one of the first that was done, except for the video, almost completely while trudging through the deep Minnesotan snow. In the review I touch some very important features, good and bad of the Stone.

Let’s begin.

The Jabra stone comes inside an all black, glass case. The box contains some very useful extras like the included USB charger, wall charger, manual, belt clip, and more things you might find that you need. The device and its charger are both in the front cover of the case where unusually everything is clearly labelled.

The package of any device is one of the most important selling point, because it portrays the devices quality. The packaging of the Stone exudes quality and class.

The Jabra Stone, as mentioned before is a masterpiece of design. The look is innovative and very creative. The all black design and perfect curves gives it a sexy but still professional design. The all touch body is not as sensitive as I would prefer, but is still a one of a kind and it all fits in the palm of your hands.

The headset does have one issue with the design. The headset, while flexible, does not fit perfectly into your ear. It has a loose design and it sort of shakes a little more than I would like. That makes it not ideal for wearing while walking or running.

The headset is also only for the right ear, so if you like to switch things around once in a while, this device is not for you.

Like many Bluetooth devices. The Jabra Stone does the usual calling, music, and the whole 9 yards. The music streaming capability is  very smooth with crisp play back. The bass on the headset is perfect for the one ear listing.

Call Quality:
This is where the headset really shows it quality and makes it worth the price. The headset has one of the best call qualities I have ever tested. When used in a normal medium noise area, callers said I sound very clear and crisp even while talking at low volume. The device picks up a little noise when walking next to loud objects but luckily the receiver did not have too much to complain about.

The place where the call quality really showed it’s down site was when it became windy outside. While walking on a windy street, the other caller said he could hear all the wind breezing through and that made it a little hard for him to understand me at times.

The price of this device while high, seems to be worth it for someone that wants a great device, and a decent Bluetooth headset. The unit is usually sold by AT&T or Jabra in the $120 range, but you could find it in the $90 range elsewhere.

My final thoughts on the unit is this headset is great, Jabra really did a major job with the design, but that it does have its flaws. Overall however it is a great buy, and for $90, it is very well worth it for the person that has been searching for a new gadget.

Call Quality:4
Value for money:4

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