Internet Explorer 11 Usage Triples In A Month, Thanks To Auto-update For IE10 Users



December IE Marketshare

According to the latest numbers from Net Applications, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer IE11 tripled its market share from last month. IE11 grew 7.15 percentage points, up from 3.27 percent to 10.42 percent. This sudden growth is due to the automatic update process for IE10 users. IE10 is down 6.45 percentage points to 11.05 percent.

Overall, Internet Explorer lost 0.45% (from 58.36 percent to 57.91 percent) while Google Chrome gained 0.78% (from 15.44 percent to 16.22 percent). It should be interesting to see the January numbers as it will represent the whole holiday sales numbers of Windows PCs which should show some growth for IE and Chromebook sales for Chrome browser.

Source: Net Applications via: TNW

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