Intel leaks Tiger Lake launch date, expected to take back crown from AMD


9, 2020

Intel has managed to leak the launch date of its 11th generation Tiger Lake range of processors.

The new processors are expected to deliver a real performance boost and take back the performance crown from AMD’s Ryzen processors.

Leaked benchmarks, for example, have Intel Core i7-1165G7 – a quad-core, 8-thread chip with a base clock of 2.8GHz and a boost of 4.7GHz  outperform AMD’s Ryzen 7 4800 by more than 20% in single-threaded tests.

The new Gen 12 Xe graphics are also expected to offer a major boost over Intel’s 10th generation processors, with another leaked benchmark showing the  Core i7-1165G7’s integrated graphics outperforming the Nvidia GeForce MX350 standalone notebook graphics card which was released only recently.

Intel has been teasing an announcement on the 2nd September, but accidentally confirmed it was the Tiger Lake launch event on their Investors Relations website.

Intel first showed off Tiger Lake at CES 2020, and then claimed that Tiger Lake will deliver double-digit performance gains, massive AI performance improvements, a huge leap in graphics performance and 4x the throughput of USB 3 with the new integrated Thunderbolt 4.

First laptops based on “Tiger Lake” processors are expected to ship this year, with a Surface Laptop with a Tiger Lake processor already leaking.

Via techradar

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