Instagram for Windows 10 gets support for Boomerang, night mode in new update

Facebook is currently testing a new update for Windows 10 Mobile Instagram users.

The new update has rolled out to some select few Windows phones and has bumped the app to version 10.738.64166.

This update adds support for Instagram’s new video feature — Boomerang — which debuted as a separate app on iOS and Android in 2015,  a new hands-free function and night mode. The Boomerang feature allows you to create short looping videos for posting either on your Instagram Story or on your Feed. Night Mode for its part is a feature that makes it easier to record in the dark, and hands-free allows you to start recording video with a single tap – as opposed to having to tap and hold the capture button.

There’s a small caveat with this update in that it doesn’t seem to be available to all users yet. My Coship Moly X1 on the Windows 10 November release doesn;t seem to be able to find it, neither can my Lumia so far. Nonetheless, it is expected to roll out to all devices sooner or later.

That being said, however, here’s no word on whether these features will be enabled for Windows 10 tablets with cameras as well, or whether it will be restricted to just phones.

You can grab Instagram for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile from the Windows Store link below.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free
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