Instagram testing feature to keep stories live for a week

November 19, 2023

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Instagram is testing a new My Week feature that would let users keep their stories alive on their profiles for a full week. This feature is not yet available to the public but could be rolled out.

My Week would allow users to select specific stories to keep visible on their profiles for seven days. This would give users more control over how their stories are seen and allow them to share more content with their followers.

Content creators could use My Week to share behind-the-scenes footage or to create a mini-series of their life or work. Businesses could use My Week to promote products or services or to share customer testimonials.

The My Week feature still seems to be in development, and it is unclear when or if it will be released to the public.

Instagram is known for experimenting with multiple features simultaneously. It may take some time before these new functionalities become fully developed and widely available. Recently, Meta has updated Instagram and added new capabilities. Users can now scale, crop, and rotate clips while making Reels on the app, and they can also add clips with audio from the new Instagram clip hub.

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