Instagram starts rollout of product tagging feature to all US users

Instagram product tagging feature on mobile

We saw Instagram in its very active phase, where it introduced a handful of updates to its app in the past weeks. It gave us new messaging capabilities, hashtags, Following and Favorite feed modes, parental supervision tools, a Live moderator feature, and product tagging. Now, the last-mentioned feature, formerly available only for influencers or creators, is now on a rollout to all US users starting today, April 19.

According to the report from Instagram, there was a recorded number of 1.6 million people tagging at least one product per week on the platform. Making the feature accessible to the entire country will bump up the numbers, resulting in easier marketing strategy and exposure for brands and businesses. On the other hand, while it will benefit users to discover products easily just by following people, it is a little disappointing that it won’t allow all users to earn commissions.

On the other hand, you can start by uploading photos or videos of products you want to tag to begin the tagging feature. You have the option to apply some filters to the image and utilize some tools to enhance it. Then, select or tap “Tag people” on the “New Post” screen. Make sure to tag the business first and two options will show up at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen saying “People” and “Products.” Proceed to the latter option. After that, you will be free to look for the specific product photo via the bar, where you can type the words for your search. You can include more than one item in your post. After including the tags, simply tap “Done” to save the changes and hit “Share.”

For your followers, tapping the product tag will allow them to shop for it via Instagram or through the page that will launch upon tapping the tag. Instagram currently offers it only on feeds, but it is said that the company plans to extend this function to stories soon. In addition, i’s important to note that the product tagging feature is only applicable for public accounts.

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