Instagram is getting a TikTok styled video home feed


4, 2022

Instagram has announced that they’ve begun testing a new home feed that incorporates taller photos and videos into a scrolling feed similar to TikTok. 

Announced by Instagram head Adam Mosseri in a new Twitter video, the new feature puts more of a focus on “immersive” photos and videos that use the full 9 by 16 aspect ratio that has become commonplace on phones since the launch of the first iPhone. 

Boasting a similar look to the social media giant TikTok, the new 9 by 16 scale for photos and video should, Mosseri hopes, make it easier to seamlessly scroll through your feed, increasing the time you spend on the Meta-owned social media app.

For better or worse, this new look to Instagram’s home feed is currently in very early testing, with Mosseri pleading to users within the Twitter video to give the company feedback, regardless of whether they love it or hate it. 

This likely means that Instagram isn’t dead set on the direction they want to take into the future just yet, so don’t be surprised if we see even more radical changes to the app being tested in the near future. 

Currently, this new feature is being tested in a limited capacity by a random assortment of users on iOS and Android, so unfortunately there’s no way to guarantee you’ll see this swanky new feed until it gets released if it does at all.

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