“Instagram from Facebook” splash screen rolls out


19, 2019

We have earlier reported on Facebook’s efforts to integrate their messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp), with the work large seen as an effort to frustrate regulators looking to break the company up.

Part of the work has been branding the different apps as being from Facebook, with the “WhatsApp by Facebook” splash screen rolling out on the 15th November.

Today the “Instagram by Facebook” splash screen joined Whatsapp, with a cool gradient logo.

Facebook says it is combining its networks with a new “Privacy-Focused Vision” which focusses on key principles, including user privacy, better encryption, interoperability, secure data storage, and reducing permanence.

We, however, reported only 5 days ago that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is, however, considering seeking a preliminary injunction against Facebook to prevent further integration of the services. This will be on the basis of antitrust concerns, as the larger platform would prevent the rise of competitors and would prevent interoperability by other networks.

As part of the Facebook antitrust investigation, the FTC is also concerned that integration now would prevent them from breaking up the services in the future. Facebook has announced that there are a combined 2.5 billion people on their 3 messaging platforms and is currently under investigation by the FTC for their data handling practices.

A decision about whether the FTC will go ahead with requesting an injunction is expected as soon as next month, and this may also include forcing Facebook to open up interoperability with competitors. Such an injunction would require the commission to file a suit in federal court.

Facebook did not comment on the specific report.

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